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A Quick Look

The History

Schoolzine offers schools a professional, cost effective, user friendly, integrated website solution. Using a Schoolzine templated website will ensure consistent branding across your schools two major communication platforms, the website and your eNewsletter. If you are using the Schoolzine communication app this too will share the same look and feel.

Your website will be fully customised to your school’s individual needs as part of our set up process. This includes webpages formatted with photos, videos, and engaging content. Additional pages can be created on request. All website content is mobile supported and is continually developed at no charge to ensure compatibility. Our templates give your school the freedom to update content and create pages at any time.


The Schoolzine Website Solution

At Schoolzine we understand that there are three important elements to a school website.

  • Design – It should look professional
  • Simplicity – It should be easy to update
  • Support – Should be unlimited and free

The ease at which a school can update their own website is just as important as the initial design. The support that follows is critical.

School websites are marketing tools and not communication tools. This is why a Schoolzine website seamlessly interoperates with our communication tools to reduce workload while keeping the appearance of an up to date website.

We believe that news should follow a ‘push’ philosophy not ‘pull’.

Website Packages

Schoolzine have a range of website packages to suit each individual’s schools needs, ranging from a simple template to a bespoke package. Picking a package is a two step process. See the features of these packages below.

Step 1: Choose your creation Hop Skip Jump
DIY Formatted Pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Schoolzine Formatted Pages 5 Pages 20 Pages 30 Pages
Bespoke Home Page
Templated Home Page
One Off Creation Cost $2,990 $4,990 $6,990
  With eNewsletter subscription No eNewsletter subscription
Annual Hosting & Support Cost $200 $400
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Prices GST Inclusive effective from July 1st 2017 *Fair use policy applie

Our Portfolio Schools

You’re in good company. Here are a few examples of schools who have engaged Schoolzine to create their websites.

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